It has been a very tough and challenging time for all of us, especially in the travel industry. For this reason, we should continue supporting each other. As always, the Sant Francesc Hotel team is here for you.


We kindly encourage you to trust us with your bookings. As always, our reservations agents are here for you. We will of course continue with our flexible cancellation policy and show understanding. You can´t be in better hands.


Our guest’s health and safety are of upmost importance.
We strongly believe that we need to take the global situation very seriously, taking all the necessary safety measures and precautions to guarantee the wellbeing of both guests and team members.


We believe it´s important to share with you an update on our position regarding COVID-19.

As stated in the joint statement from the World Health Organization and the World Tourism Organization, global tourism’s response to COVID-19 needs to be measured and consistent, proportionate to the public health threat and based on local risk assessment.

Following the recommendations from the Spanish National Health Services, as well as the World Health Organization, we have implemented guidelines for both our guests and employees.

Rest assured, all our team members are receiving specific training and we have established a central action plan for everyone to follow. Of course, we will continue to closely monitor the latest developments, recommendations and preventative measures and act accordingly.


- Twice-daily temperature measurement of all team members. Staff with temperature above 37 Celsius (98,6 Fahrenheit) will be sent home / quarantined.
- Temperature measurement of all external contractors and suppliers. Visitors with temperature above 37 Celsius (98,6 Fahrenheit) will be sent home/ quarantined.
- Temperature measurement of all guests on arrival. Guest with temperature above 37 Celsius (98,6 Fahrenheit) will be kindly asked to quarantine in their room and they will be supported by our SOS medical experts.
- Mandatory use of masks for employees.
- Mandatory use of masks for Guests (complimentary masks available on demand).
- Guest encouraged to practice social/ physical distancing from other guests and team members.
- Numerous hand sanitizer dispensers available.
- Separate entrance for guests, team members and suppliers.
- Staff adopts minimal contact/ communication, relying on digital communication, when possible.
- Ongoing training for the team following WHO and the Spanish government health authorities´ guidelines.
- All surfaces including the floors are sanitized daily.
- Homologated disinfectants used for all continuous and deep cleaning processes.


- Staff trained for food safety and hygiene practices.
- Disinfection process for all linen and tableware including china, cutlery, glassware and serving dishes.
- The number of tables reduced to maintain the social distancing norms, in all our outlets.
- Room service recommended and available during all main services.


- Pool and sun loungers only available for in house guests.
- Reorganization of sun loungers to maintain social distancing.
- For massages/ treatments, one guest at a time allowed in the Wellbeing. Advance booking required.
- One guest at a time allowed in the Fitness Room. Advance booking required.


A massive thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your continued support now and during the last five years. We can´t wait to have you with us. The Sant Francesc Hotel family.